How Reverse Osmosis Works In Water Purification

For a few years more and more people are turning towards those alternative systems that allow the home water purification. A realization motivated by several factors: incomplete information of the substances contained in the water in the bottle as we have seen, economic savings, safeguarding the environment and convenience. Just look at the queues at the supermarket; with tons of bottles to carry back home which will be recycled with considerable costs.

These devices are connected directly to the tap at home or to the main pipeline and are able to filter water, making it not only more good but also safer for health. The cost of household cleaners will pay for itself in a few months, requiring only maintenance.

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Of all domestic water purification systems, only those with reverse osmosis, work fine and can actually eliminate more than 99% of the harmful substances found in tap water, thus making the very best water and sure of, many bottled brands. These plants, in fact, are used for several years by hospitals, by humanitarian organizations such as UNICEF, the chemical laboratories and major companies producing beverages from around the world (ie. Cold Drinks, beer, etc.) to produce and consume pure water in very large quantities.

The same type of equipment fitted with reverse osmosis, is used by many humanitarian and government entities associations occurring after natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, etc.) to produce perfectly clean water from polluted sources. In addition, some of the bottled water sold every day in supermarkets is nothing more than spring water filtered by reverse osmosis purification systems!

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The “good” water should be free or very low in harmful substances such as: chlorine, nitrites, fluorides, chlorides, lead, phosphates, ammonia, bromide, etc. In fact the tap water and bottled water may contain these harmful elements, often with values close to the limits imposed by law. The presence of these harmful elements can depends on pollution of groundwater caused by pesticides used in agriculture, from detergents used daily in the home, from lubricating oils disposed of outlaws (eg. thrown in the gutters), and the increasingly frequent illegal dumps that pollute subsoil. With the Reverse Osmosis however, you can eliminate the most dangerous and harmful chemical elements up to 99%, bringing also the worst tap water in Italy in levels of extreme purity.

Reverse osmosis is a water purification technology is achieved by which a high percentage of contaminant retention, dissolved and undissolved (up to 99% retention of dissolved salts). When two liquids with different salt concentrations, are separated by a semi-permeable membrane, a pressure difference between either side of the membrane is a function of the concentration difference is established. This pressure, called osmotic, forces pure water pass off less concentration on the side of more concentration until the concentrations become equal.

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Conversely, if the system applies a higher osmotic pressure and opposite, is the pure water of higher concentration side which passes into the lower concentration. This phenomenon, which plays a key role in the metabolism of all living cells, can be used as a method of desalination or demineralization, besides using very simple means.

So with equipment whose sophistication may increase depending on the required quality of water, or the type of controls you want to apply, we can get irrigation water from wastewater, potable water from brackish or sea water, water purified from drinking water network, etc.

The teams basically consist of:

  • Conditioner Pretreatment
  • Containers and reverse osmosis membranes
  • Regeneration system
  • Instrumentation
  • Box protection, command and control

Main components:

  • Metering pumps for adding chemicals with low level sensor.
  • Pre-filtration to 5 microns.
  • TFC osmosis type membranes pigtail.
  • High pressure pumps multistage type.
  • Flow control valves in stainless steel.
  • Flow meters and conductivity.
  • Control pressure membrane and treated water.
  • Automatic cleaning system and storage tank flushing.
  • Control panel with display diagram, commanded by PLC