Building a Strong Body Part 3: Tao of Stress Management Series

In Chinese Medicine, it is said that the Jing, or Essence, is the physical manifestation of Qi (Vital Energy). Based on this principle, it is essential to have a strong physical foundation in order to sustain good energy levels, emotional stability, and mental clarity. So, effective stress management MUST start with building a strong body that can function harmoniously in any situation.

Take Your Vitamins

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If you eat healthy foods on a regular basis, congratulations! You are doing more than most. But, you may not be getting all the nutrients you need. When farms were smaller, most produce was locally grown and harvested when ripe. With modern farming techniques and overuse of soils, most foods have less nutritional value than they did previously. This doesn’t mean you should stop eating your veggies and fruits, but it does indicate the need for the wise use of nutritional supplements to make up for lost nutrients.

Many of us also encounter increased stress with our modern lifestyles, which are much faster paced and multi-tasked than in previous generations. Add to that the environmental stresses we face such as crowded cities, lower air quality, and more environmental toxins, and the need for nutritional supplements becomes even more apparent.

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Take a high-potency multivitamin daily. When you do this, it ensures that you are giving your cells everything they need to combat the stresses of life. When your cells have a better handle on their stress, so will you.

There are some very specific supplements that help your body combat stress, but please consult a professional if you want to use them therapeutically. Some of them can conflict with medications or exacerbate medical conditions if used improperly. These specialized supplements include high-potency B-complex, Omega 3a, amino acids such as L-Carnitine, L-Theanine, Enzymes, and 5-HTP, and a host of others too numerous to mention.

A customized, detailed nutritional plan can do wonders to help you feel better and even heal from chronic disease.

Move Your Body

Last but far from least in the pantheon of stress management is movement and exercise. Cars, planes, phones, computers, and TVs have revolutionized our lives, but with a price. Most of us walk less, do less manual labor, and explore our environments less as a result of these wonderful inventions.

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Your body was built to move. It loves movement and actually NEEDS it for proper function. Exercise and movement improves circulation, which increases cellular nourishment and detoxification. It builds stronger muscles, bones and improves mental focus as well.

Improved emotional health is another benefit of regular exercise. Irritability, low moods, and low energy are often caused by accumulated stress. Your cells and tissues feel this accumulated stress in the form of toxins and poor nutrition, and they desperately try to “discharge” the stress in any way possible. When you aren’t moving your body, the stress in your cells is discharged as negative emotions, short temper, irritable mood, spontaneous crying, and other troublesome feelings.

When you exercise regularly, your body “resets” the stress response. This is because exercise is a form of positive stress. Remember when I said we need stress? Exercise is a way to fill your body’s need for stress in a positive way, which allows a healthy way to discharge and release accumulated negative stress. Studies have demonstrated time and time again that people who exercise regularly suffer less depression, anxiety, sleep issues, and other mood problems.

And, it doesn’t take much to get the benefits. Brisk walking 4 times weekly for about 30 minutes can do wonders for your stress levels and mood. A mini rebounder at home is also an excellent way to “jiggle” your cells and improve draining of the lymph nodes. It is also easy on the knees if you don’t bounce hard.

Just a light bouncing motion for 10 mins a few times a week will help a lot!

Dancing, moving, walking, bouncing; whatever you do, just do some moving and you will feel the difference.

Better cellular nourishment, stronger muscles, and increased mental focus are all paramount in having a healthy, effective response to both physical and emotional stress. When you have more energy, more endurance, and better mental clarity, you feel more balanced and less easily frustrated

Build a Stronger Body and You Will Build a Better Life