DIY Tips On How To Test For Legionella

Most bacteria breed on any part of the house. Surely, there are numerous treatments in dealing with these bacteria. However, it may be different when dealing with Legionella.

Legionella is commonly found in freshwater like lakes. Sadly, these bacteria can contaminate your water which can cause serious health issues. Thus, more and more individuals are looking for ways on how to test for Legionella. Fortunately, individuals can make use of these simple tips below.

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Determine if there are any cases of health issues with regard to Legionella in your area

One of the most common ways on how to determine whether water systems in your community is contaminated with Legionella is by evaluating if there are any cases of heal issues with regard to Legionella in your area. Water systems can be contaminated even with the smallest drop of water with such bacterium. Therefore, it is most likely that this bacterium can easily spread in your area. In case that you found some health concerns pertaining Legionella, it is imperative for individuals to take preventative measures immediately.

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Check water temperature

Another way that individuals can do to test for legionella is to check water temperature. Legionella thrives at temperatures between 20-45 degrees centigrade. If the temperature is below 20 degrees centigrade the bacteria is dormant. On the other hand, if the temperature is 50 degrees centigrade or more the bacteria are killed. If you notice that water temperature is that 20-45 degrees centigrade, individuals need to opt for help at once to deal with this issue properly and effectively.

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Inspect water systems

It is also important for individuals to inspect water systems. As mentioned above, Legionella lives on water. So, the best breeding ground of this bacterium is in water systems. Because of this, it is best for individuals to inspect their water systems for contamination and other issues that can cause bacteria to enter your systems. After a thorough analysis, it is also best to disinfect water systems as well as water lines from pipes, hoses, faucets as well as shower heads. Luckily, there are some effective products that can help individuals kill the bacteria.

Invest in testing kits

Finally, if you really want to effectively test your water systems, it is also ideal for individuals to invest in testing kits. These kits are offered by reliable companies that focus on getting rid of Legionella. These testing kits are specifically designed to be used in getting tests samples which will be transported on laboratories for a series of tests. After which, companies will send you a detailed result about the quality of water in your area to help you make better decisions.

Knowing these simple tips will allow individuals to ensure that water systems in their houses or establishments are safe.