When to Conduct DFW Drug Testing

There are all sorts of different times as to when you should conduct DFW drug testing. Knowing when will make it easier for you to strengthen your testing program. It will also allow you to learn more about your employees, even before you bring them on board.


You will definitely want to have drug testing in DFW conducted prior to employment. This will allow you to see if candidates are using drugs in any capacity. You don’t want to offer employment to someone if they test positive. This is because they could have a variety of health problems, and are constantly breaking the law. Additionally, they may pose a problem on the jobsite, particularly if they cannot stay focused, or cannot remain sober while they are at work.

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Many employees conduct a pre-employment drug screening. This means that many candidates are already used to the process. You can schedule a drug screening so that a person knows when to go. After receiving the results, you can then decide whether you want to offer a job or not.

During Employment

It is a good idea to conduct drug testing throughout a person’s employment. This should be done randomly, and you can choose how often. Much of the frequency will depend upon the industry you are in. For example, trucking industries are regulated by the DOT.

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The randomness of the drug testing ensures that people never know when they are going to be tested. Some people may be tested more frequently than others, and this is simply because of the luck of the draw. Either way, it will help to keep your employees honest, and help you to address problems that you may encounter.

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After an Accident

If you have an employee that has been involved in an accident at the workplace, you may want to have them go through DFW drug testing. The primary reason is to find out whether they were under the influence of a drug. If they were, you may be able to avoid various costs associated with the injury. This is because they chose to go against employment policies and use a drug.

Otherwise, you would be responsible for paying medical expenses, and potentially have to deal with an increase in your workers compensation premiums. If you can prove that the person was on drugs, you may be able to reduce the overall expenses.

You need to have a strong drug testing program in place. If you don’t want to handle all of the details on your own, you can hire a third party administrator to deal with everything. They can help to set up the program, maintain a chain of custody, and provide you with all of the necessary reports. It will allow you to focus on running your business, and without having to worry about whether employees are abusing drugs – either on their own, or on the clock. When employees do get a positive test, you can then determine how to deal with them appropriately.