Care Tips For Virgin Human Hair Extensions

Virgin human hair extensions are expensive, but they definitely are worth buying because they are natural and they get to serve your hair needs for a very long time unlike treated and synthetic hair options. There are so many styles you can choose from as well as color shades and lengths when buying the virgin human hair extension. But the truth is that your virgin human hair extension is as good as the care you accord it.

If you are not keen on taking good care it, then you risk damaging it from dryness and improper care. When you buy virgin human hair extensions, it is advisable that you also find out what the best ways of taking care of the hair is. Here are some basic but very important care tips that will ensure your virgin human hair extension remains in good condition thus serving your hair needs loyally.

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Tip 1 – Brush it before washing and before going to bed. This is a simple practice that eliminates tangles as a result of friction or wind. It is however very important that you avoid brushing the hair when wet because follicles tend to be vulnerable during this period.

Tip 2 – Choose an organic shampoo that is sulfate free. The fact is that sulfate only strips hair of natural oils that are essential. Because your scalp does not supply the strands with necessary nutrients, you need to use products that do not end up drying the hair strands. Choose natural oils and conditioners to manage the virgin human hair extension without damaging it in any way.

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Tip 3 – When washing the virgin human hair extensions use warm water so that you do not damage the scalp and cuticles. Wash in gentle downward motions using the palms. Avoid bunching up or scrubbing the hair together because it opens cuticles and when they rub together they cause friction.

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Tip 4 – When still, well, add a few drops of natural oils like coconut and almond and ensure you apply evenly so it penetrates cuticles and moisturizes it as appropriate. Rinse hair with cold water to lock in nutrients and moisture and then allow it to air dry so you do not dry out the strands.

Tip 5 – Make sure you keep the hair moisturized same way you do with your skin to keep it in top condition. Almond and coconut oils are some of the best for moisturizing. You can use the oils twice a week or when you feel a need to put in small amounts so you do not end up with messy oily hair. For styling and frizz, you can use argan oil although it is dry oil and will do little to moisturize the hair.

Tip 6 – Avoid the use of heat on virgin human hair extensions and keep chemical based hair products off it too. Select the best organic, natural hair products to enjoy the best results caring for your virgin human hair extensions and own hair too. All hair products should be gentle and beneficial to the hair.