Exploring The Various Reasons For Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is not only for those in the spotlight. Cosmetic or plastic surgery is a very vast field that includes reconstructive surgery and aesthetic appeal. Although this kind of surgery is most popular among those in the spotlight, altering appearances is only one aspect of this surgery. It is widely used among those who seek correction of some part of the body.

There are a number of reasons why one might consider cosmetic surgery. Here are the top five reasons:

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1. Accidents

Accidents leave scars. Sometimes these scars are bad and too visible. Surgically correcting this could give the patient a sense of confidence and improve his self esteem greatly. Accidents could range from car wrecks, workplace mishaps falling, animal bites, burns, sports, etc. Some accidents could lead to deformities as well. This is exactly why reconstructive as well as cosmetic surgery for aesthetic appeal is considered in these cases.

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2. Birth defects

There are plenty of birth defects that can be corrected surgically. It greatly improves the lifestyle of these patients. Some of the most common birth defects that can be treated by this surgery are ear deformities, cleft lips or other skeletal deformities. With birth defects, a series of surgeries need to be done as the person grows.

3. Weight loss

When someone loses a huge amount of weight within a short period of time, it leaves a lot of excess skin. This skin is unable to shrink. Cosmetically removing this excess skin will effectively correct the damage caused by the weight loss.

4. Self esteem

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Whether it’s a tummy tuck or a nose job, if you are getting a surgery done to feel good about yourself, there is nothing wrong about it. Surgery could greatly improve your self esteem. Once you are happy with all your features, you automatically feel more confident and fresh.

5. Cancer

Especially for those who have undergone mastectomy, breast reconstruction surgery is very common. Although it is not necessary from a medical standpoint, it greatly helps reduce the psychological trauma for the patient.

Other cosmetic procedures such as laser hair removal, skin sanding and laser peels are considered as self improvement and are of purely aesthetic value.

Whatever the reason for cosmetic surgery, self rated physical attractiveness is one of the most common factors that influences this decision. There are some who want to look younger and some who wish to change a feature that they never liked. Undergoing surgery and correcting a few features could instill a sense of confidence and make you feel more comfortable with yourself.

However, it is of utmost importance to set realistic expectations about the end results of the surgery. Make sure that you talk to your doctor and understand the outcomes and the possibilities and then take an informed decision. Do not get carried away by glossy pictures on the magazine covers and set expectations beyond what the surgery can do.

Above all, think about your motive to undergo this surgery and weigh it against the risks of the procedure in order to take the right decision.