Is Your Working Profile Affecting Your Health?

Health is that property that is precious in all respects. Good health is the sign of a rich and prosperous person. Health is that condition at which the adaptation of the body with respect to physical or mental processes takes place. The well-being of a person’s health not only depends on environmental conditions but also on his/her working conditions. Therefore, our working profile has a deep influence on our health both in a positive or negative direction. The positive effects of working profile on our health are as follows:

• Social harmony:

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If the working profile includes teamwork, then it promotes social harmony, unification, and coordination. It provides a better environment, thereby promoting social contacts with a view to offer a prestigious position in society and thus is best for our mental and psychological health.

• Health Enhancing Goods and Services

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If our work profile belongs to high earning then it provides so many luxuries and mental peace. By means of money, we can purchase health-enhancing goods and services. Health enhancing goods and services makes the body fit and fine.

• Knowledge and Experience

If the job includes teaching and writing jobs, then it increases so much knowledge and experience which adds to the personality of the individual. It makes the person be a great match for a developing society. An individual finds his or her image to be very prestigious in this high profile world. As a consequence of it, man preserves good mental and psychological health.

• Reduced Weight

If our working profile comprises to work in a timely manner, then it is good for our physical health, it reduces our weight and maintains our figure. A maintained figure adds to the beauty of individuals, especially for females.

• Status

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If a working profile includes a job of high designation, then it provides a great status to an individual by which he earns so much prestige and respect which has positive psychological effects on his or her health.

The negative effects of working profile on our health are as follows:

• Stress

If the occupation includes engineering, software development, and other managerial jobs, etc then it requires waking up at night, which is a way towards stress and thus causes depression and heart disease along with joint pain.

• Uneven Atmosphere

If the job comprises to work in smoke-producing factories and factories of producing disposal of uneven smell then the individual suffers from allergies, breathing problems and blood infections, etc.

• Insult

If the working atmosphere includes a rude boss, then insult is a part of the job which individual has to tolerate which has harsh effects on the mental and psychological health of the person even it loses his or her appetite which has harmful effects on the blood circulation of the body thereby causing dark circles and dark spots on the face and other parts of the body.

Hence our health is fully influenced by our working profile.