Stop and Go Movements Is the Best Way to Get Into Shape!

This article is for all cardio lovers and also for all those looking into as way to get into shape. I am going to show that there is a big difference between “steady” and “variable” cardio, and I will tell you why stop and go movements is the best way to get into shape

Steady or Constant Cardio

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This version of cardio is something that we do every day when it comes to exercise. Individuals who specialize in the field of fitness and health professionals would recommend this as a way to get into shape and loss weight.

There recommendations would suggest that we do somewhere between 30 to 60 minutes of steady cardio, couple of times a week, while keeping a steady heart rate. I am going to tell you this that I extremely disagree with anyone who believes that steady cardio is the way to go.

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Here are my reasons why:

  • Constant cardio can easily cause boredom, because you are doing the same routine over and over again which can cause a loss of interest for exercising.
  • It can cause health problems over the long run. This one is a real eye opener, because, with constant cardio, it can cause joint degradation, weakened immune system, chronic diseases (in the long run) and your muscles will go to waste.

Variable Cardio (The stop and go effect)

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We, as human beings, are always curious to the thing that surrounds us. We are always seeking ways to improve ourselves and we are almost never satisfied with our accomplishments, which tends to lead to changes and re-building. Why should our bodies be any different?

Our bodies were created to perform all sorts of physical activities that involves a sudden burst of explosions during a workout, followed by a workout, and then back to the rigorous physical activity instead of constant, boring movements.

  • Find a cardio workout program that has stop and go movements.
  • Your body will become stronger health wise. Here are some examples: a strong cardiovascular system, increased metabolism, a healthy immune system and reduced degradation of the joints.
  • Your body, especially your heart, will learn how to cope with the stress of everyday life.
  • Variable cardio training is by far, superior to any constant cardio exercises. With variation in exercises, it tends to build that motivation that we need to get into shape and leaves us wanting for more.

Get Involved in Sports and Other Physical Activities

A lot of sporting activities contain stop and go movements that will help you build a stronger body. I will list a few here in this article:

  • Swimming: Don’t just do steady, long distance swimming. Add some sprints in there to strengthen your muscles and cardio system.
  • Treadmill: At some points in your walking or jogging, increase the speed of the treadmill and slow it down to recover. Do this multiple of times to make things a little harder.
  • Lifting weights is another excellent workout because it involves stop and go movements.
  • Any sports that involve a ball is also a good source of stop and go movements.

In conclusion, any exercise that involves stop and go movements is the best way to get into shape!