Is a Home Gym a Good Muscle Building Environment? 6 Worry-Free Reasons To Workout At Home

Setting up a routine for your lean muscle building requires going to a gym regularly. For some people commercial gyms click like a puzzle piece and they go there like clockwork, but everyone is built a little different just like their bodies are built a little different. So for some people a more private home gym is the answer. For a multitude of reasons, you might be one of these people and might want to invest the money into a home gym. There are several benefits that it offers.

  1. First off, maybe you like privacy and don’t want other people around you when you are working out. Maybe you don’t want people chatting you up or distracting you in other ways. Maybe as a girl you want to avoid guys hitting on you. Perhaps you don’t want to have to listen to unwanted advice from some random stranger. Or simply because you like the peace and quiet. You want your privacy and the comfort your home offers.
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  2. Moreover, some people starting out may be out of shape and shy about their bodies and the commercial gym culture can be intimidating. Starting out at home can get you to a spot where you can feel more confident and eventually may choose to go to a commercial gym or continue on at home.
  3. A home gym is with in a few feet of you at all times so travel time is negligible. You don’t have to fight traffic or face winter weather or rain or anything like that. You can simple be at the gym by say going into the basement. It also saves you a lot in terms of commute time and gas.
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  5. Gym fees are quite expensive and add up over time to be quite a lot. Further some gyms charge extra for parking which can also be quite pricey. So if you want to be more budget conscious you may want to consider a home gym where you start out with a relatively small set of equipment and slowly over time add more equipment as need. The fundamental set of equipment needed at a bare minimum is a pair of adjustable dumbbells which can address a very large number of muscle groups for lean muscle building. Combine that with a stability ball and resistance bands and you have a very solid core set of tools that will get you most of the way there starting out.
  6. With a home gym, you don’t have to worry about getting a babysitter to watch the kids or having to take the dog out for a walk or feeding the cat. You don’t have to worry if you have to work late at the office or are stuck in rush hour traffic. Standard gyms have their set hours, but your home gym has your hours and it is open for you all the time. So there is no stress, no need for a babysitter and your pets are taken care of. You don’t have to plan around the commercial gym’s schedule at all and that alone is a blessing.
  7. You can make the environment as enjoyable and pleasant as you like. You can have music playing and adjust the temperature to your preference. You can use DVD fitness programs that you follow or something online like DailyBurn or MyYogaOnline. You can even do your exercises that you know by heart while watching some TV drama series to keep your mind occupied while you train. The possibilities are endless. As an extra bonus you could maybe for fun bench press your toddler and listen to him or her giggle.

So this is a good fit for many people and certainly something to consider for your lifestyle.