The Best Home Exercising Equipment

Having the right home exercising equipment, or exercise equipment that suits you, allows you to customize your workout to fit your individual tastes, which can help make your workouts more fun and inspiring.

There are tons of exercise equipment on the market, which can be overwhelming to the average home exerciser; however, the following home exercising equipment rated highest for affordability and performance based on customer reviews.

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A Punching Bag

If you’ve ever dreamed of training like your favorite athlete or supermodel, then a punching bag is a great piece of equipment to have. A heavy bag, made of quality materials, will allow you to work up a sweat, while getting a total body workout. In addition to providing a great workout, it’s also a great way to relieve stress.

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An Elliptical Machine

Though there are many debates over which is more beneficial, a treadmill or the elliptical machine, the elliptical is a must-have option for those seeking a low-impact cardio workout that is gentle on the joints. The easy gliding motion of the elliptical, allows those with back or joint pain to engage in an effective workout without jarring the joints. In addition, it enables you to multitask during your workout, meaning you can read a book or enjoy your favorite show while burning calories. Though some elliptical models can be pricey, many reviewers boast that it’s worth it, so shop around for the best price. If a traditional elliptical machine is out of your price range, simply opt for a compact motion elliptical trainer, which still enables you to engage in a low-impact cardio workout, while really working your core. There are also budget-friendly versions of the treadmill, which are usually smaller and narrower, but still allow for a great cardio workout.

An Air Bike

An air bike is a great alternative for those who prefer biking to walking, gliding, or running. Air bikes differ from traditional stationary bikes in that they allow you to set your own resistance. The gentler you pedal, the less the fan will create resistance and vice versa, which allows you to set your workout according to your individual needs. In addition, air bikes are equipped with movable handles that enable you to pull and push with your arms, which allows for a total body workout.

A Set of Dumbbells

Dumbbells are one of the simplest pieces of equipment, but they also provide the most effective results. Dumbbells can be used for a variety of exercises including curls, squats, lunges, and sit-ups, for full body toning.

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When incorporating dumbbells into your home gym, be sure to purchase your weights in sets, or various measurements, which will allow you to exercise a wide range of muscles. Or, if you’d like, invest in a set of adjustable weights, which allow you to adjust the weight simply by turning the dial. You could also opt for a set of kettle balls or weighted medicine balls to do the trick.

Exercise/Stability Ball

Exercise/stability balls, or the ‘big balls’ you see at the gym, can be used to improve balance and core strength. A stronger core helps promote better posture and protects the back. In addition, the exercise ball can also be used to rehabilitate knee, hip, and back injuries, for a stronger, healthier body.

An Exercise Mat

A comfortable, high-quality mat provides the perfect surface for performing ab work, push ups, yoga, and pre and post workout stretches at home. Just be sure it provides enough cushion, at least 5/8 “thick, to safeguard against the strain and soreness that results from working on hard floors.

A Foam Roller

Chances are, if you’ve begun a new workout, or you’ve been hitting your workouts even harder than usual, you’ve awakened to the dreaded “zombie” soreness, which usually accompanies hard work. A foam roller can be used to roll out knots and stiff muscles, which can help relieve the pain.

Consider a Home Personal Training Program

Incorporating a home personal trainer into your regular workouts can boost your motivation, help with your weight loss goals, and increase your workout efficiency, for maximum results. According to multiple reviews, those who used a personal trainer at home during their home workouts reported increased motivation, improved workouts, increased fitness knowledge, and faster results.