5 Toughest Exercises That You Can’t Do Without the Tight Fitness Wear

A pro or a rookie, there are few exercises that one simply find too hard to include them in their regular fitness routine. Well that, of course, unless their name is Ronnie Coleman or Lisa Aukland.

Here are 5 very tough exercises that you can’t do without the right technique, mindset, and fitness wears

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One legged bird squat- Think squat is difficult? Wait until you meet its cousin, one-legged bird squat. You bend forward while lifting you leg up behind you, keeping your knee and arms as straight up and stretched as possible. Before you try this, make sure there’s nothing around to hurt your face, in case you fall, while trying balancing with one leg.

Dolphin Pushups- A tough variation of regular pushup with your butt bucked up high into the air, forming an inverted ‘V’ like shape, is tougher than it looks. It requires much more resistance to keep the body moving steadily and maintaining the right posture all the while.

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Spider crawl- Unless you are Peter Parker, you will end up with aching hips and shoulders the first few times you’ll try spider crawl. Even after some practice, things won’t get any easier by any means, by the way! Keep trying hard.

Leaping frog- A bread and butter for the athletes and MMA fighters, this one’s tricky and would get your heart racing just after first few jumps. Don’t believe us? Go ahead, try and maybe you will feel the pain of real frogs.

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High Boat- Want to get ripped in abs with something much more effective than the regular crunches? Try high boat, where you bring your body and legs up forming a ‘V’ shape. While trying, if you feel something’s burning, don’t panic and rush-it’s probably your core muscles.

Why the right fitness wear is so important

While a lot has been said on how techniques and right mindset plays such a crucial role to keep people stick to the gym and tracks, few really discuss the importance of the right fitness wears.

Even with the right method and motivation, a person trying the above mentioned exercises, or any exercise for that matter, can fail! Any effective workout will need you to sweat and would require free and ease of movement. Wearing the wrong t-shirt, vest, short, legging or sports bra can disturb even the best of techniques; and add to that the problems you’re going to face with less breathing and poor wicking. This could subsequently crack-up the right frame of mind since the workout sessions wouldn’t be leading to any fruitful result, whatsoever.

So while you care about the kind of exercises you’re going to do tomorrow, be just as attentive and careful regarding what you’re going to wear. Invest in premium quality fitness fashion apparel that offers not just with the ideal stretch but also wicking and ventilation properties to keep you cool, dry and relaxed even during the toughest of workout sessions.