How To Get A Good Workout At A Local Park

Maybe you want to exercise outside, but you are sick of going for walks. Or you are simply looking for a new environment. Your local park provides a lot of excellent opportunities, allowing you to bring your kids and dogs along, while also having an amazing workout.

Stretch Beforehand

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Start with some stretching. It will feel good just to be outside, with different surroundings, and breathing fresh air. Walk around for a few minutes to warm up and check out the park.

Run Up and Down Hills

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A very easy way to get in a good workout at a park is to find an area with some steep grassy hills and run up and down them. Most parks have at least one area with hills that work great for this. Either do them on your own while the kids are playing but within eye shot, or bring them with you to help them get a good workout as well. Try to go up and down a few times, or until you can’t possible run anymore.

Do a Fitness Scavenger Hunt

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You can create a fitness scavenger hunt at a park, not by searching for items, but by doing certain exercises. Challenge each person in your group to complete a list of exercises in any order they want. This might be running a sprint, doing a long plank, performing 15 burpees, or doing 10 jumping jacks. Add squats, lunges, etc.

Try Pull-Ups in the Playground

If there are bars in the jungle gym or playground area of the park, you can use that while your kids are a safe distance away. Find a bar that is high enough for you to stand and try pull-ups. If there are only lower bars, grab a hold of it. Then lift your legs until they are off the ground. This actually gives you an even better workout because your legs and core are working while your arms are trying to do the pull-up.

Do Tree Planks

Instead of a regular plank, find a tree at the park and use it for your planks. Stand in front of the tree with your back to the tree trunk. Get down on your hands and knees with your feet pointed at the tree, as close to it as possible. Now balance on your hands while moving your legs up the tree until your body is aligned doing a plank.