Lily Bloom Crossbody Purses

The functional front of these purses can safely store things like a smartphone, compact case, keys or the garage door opener in three zip closure pockets. Easy access is still possible with the top zip closure. The majority of the essentials claim more space, but when used together, the spacious main compartment can handle the full load.

Since the canvas shoulder strap adjusts for length, it creates a sense of safety whether carried over the shoulder or across the body. For frequently used items like mint or tissues, the snap tab closure on the exterior slip pouch works perfectly for small but essential items. The man-made leather trim is soft and also adds to the style.

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Lily Bloom uses the materials and finish of a synthetic bag, but assuming these purses would be inferior is nothing further from the truth. Made with cotton canvas coated with a biodegradable TPU coating (recycled water bottles) for durability, shine, and softness, this crossbody is stylish and lightweight. Carry it on your shoulder or as originally designated across the body. The crossbody style has taken over the clutch in popularity.

They also produce a perfect tote in the form of a shoulder bag. It has many pockets and compartments for all the essentials, and gives the fashionable look desired when on the go! Their bags do not have the problems of traditional leather, like durability or stress points, and remarkably the synthetic bag feels even better than the real leather expectation.

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If used for an extended amount of time, each of these purses will still look stunning even years later with the proper care. Featuring brass colored hardware access, the variety of nature and floral patterns featured will give that extra color splash that leather cannot provide. The patterns allow for personalization, so the owner can choose the bag that is a reflection of them.

After inspecting the construction methods, it was determined that these crossbody purses are well-thought-out and well-put-together. Even the quality of the stitching weighs strongly toward choosing this bag. Besides that, it simply is an adorable crossbody purse.

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Whimsical owls, umbrellas, clouds, flowers and hearts printed on soft, man-made leather are just some of the design patterns that distinguish Lily Bloom purses as being perfect for the newest fashion trends. With names like What a Hoot, Camilla Elephant, and Furry Friend these bags have a variety of patterns that will appeal to many different owners.

Designs may come with a coin purse keychain, magnetic or zip closures, multi-function pockets, and especially the colorful fabric zipper pull for which Lily Bloom is known. Other features include double sections, side zipper pockets, a dog leash clip, and for the renewable resources crowd, do not forget that lining made from recycled water bottles.

There are a host of contenders out there for the top bag under fifty dollars. Each reason adds to their appeal. The quality of Lily Bloom bags is known to be impeccable. The price point is much more attractive than that of classic designer bags, and everything about this shoulder bag feels top of the line.

The conclusion is that each bag serves a purpose for each owner. With the functionality, durability, quality, originality, and style of the bag, it is more than likely that one costing less than fifty dollars will at least be given an opportunity to demonstrate its worth. Once that chance is taken, it will be more than a new fashion trend. It will become a classic.