Your Plus Size Body

There’s nothing wrong with having a plus size body. More people are reconciling with their body size issues and are now more content with keeping their health instead of being body conscious.

More boutiques are catering plus size clothing. Finally the realization is setting in that there is a niche for plus size clothing. The illusion that the average size is zero is finally shattered.

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People are coming to terms with the fact that plus size is no longer just an XL tag size, but it’s a body shape. A body shape not confined to just one measurement, but something different for everyone that is plus size. Plus size clothing is not just what fits best for the body, but clothes that will enhance your body shape. Years before, it was really difficult to find plus size clothing, there was, but in no way did it make the plus size shape any good. Plus size clothes then, were confined to large sizes that hid the human form and made the plus size shape unflattering.

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Love your shape, love that you are plus size. We hear this being said over and over again, it is true that it is easier said than done. But with more and more people getting empowered and self confident, mo words are truer. What is wrong with being plus size anyway? There is nothing wrong with being plus size, we should not be so quick to judge others because of their size. When a plus size blogger posted her picture, wearing a bikini, she was very much applauded because of her confidence. But there were also a lot of other people who reacted the other way, because she was said to be “promoting an unhealthy weight.” Before we are so quick to give our opinions, the issue here is not about her size but the confidence that she has and the inspiration that she gave other people by loving the shape that she has. Plus size isn’t about being overweight and being unhealthy, as an individual you have every right to love yourself and the body that you’re in. Loving yourself and gaining confidence will lead to better decisions for improving yourself and your health. A journey always has to start somewhere and for most whom have body issues, it starts with realizing that this is their body, plus size or not.

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Shopping for plus size clothing is no longer difficult. There are a lot of boutiques that have plus size clothing lines; they also have catalogues for each clothing style. Fashion houses have also provided resources for finding the best clothes that will fit your body shape, knowledgeable customer representatives are even assigned for this line because there is a place for any and every body shape.