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Back Pain Breakthrough is your guide to finally getting down to the root cause of your back pain to eliminate it once and for all by following a 3-Step Targeted Spinal Release formula that provides instant relief. Back pain is a common problem that many people experience. Studies show that approximately 80% of people have it so bad that it keeps them up at night. What’s even more shocking is that 71% of people take pain relief medication, yet the numbers of people suffering remain the same. That’s because most pain relief medications are designed to soothe the symptoms for temporary relief. In other words, they mask the symptoms without ever treating the problem to prevent it from happening again in the future. The other popular option is to see a chiropractor or physical therapist, but these types of appointments rarely fit the budget. Fortunately, Back Pain Breakthrough brings the profession to you in digital form. With this online system, you learn a series of gentle movements that realign your spine by releasing the three major pressure points in your back. This tackles the root cause of your back pain and you only need 10 minutes a day and no extra equipment. So, if you’re ready to regain control of your health and life again, here’s everything you need to know about using this program to realign your spine to eliminate back pain completely.

Back Pain Breakthrough Review


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  • 1 What is Back Pain Breakthrough?
  • 2 Who Created Back Pain Breakthrough?
  • 3 What You’ll Learn in Back Pain Breakthrough
    • 3.1 6-Video Series Masterclass
    • 3.2 Targeted Spinal Release
    • 3.3 Advanced Healing Techniques
  • 4 Our Verdict

What is Back Pain Breakthrough?

There are few things worse than experiencing back pain. Once you “hurt” your back once, it seems to be a reoccurring issue that requires you to visit a chiropractor on a regular basis. Unfortunately, this option is costly and time-consuming. So, many people turn to prescription and over-the-counter pain relief medications, which are dangerous and addicting, and they only mask the symptoms instead of treating the problem.

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Back Pain Breakthrough is an online system that teaches you a series of therapeutic movements designed to realign your spine by releasing the three major pressure points in your back. By doing so, you can begin to experience significant relief in as little as 7 days and can even eliminate your back pain entirely in 30 days. The regime is entirely natural and safe and can be done right in the comfort of your own home, as it is all about using a series of gentle movements to tackle those three major pressure points. You don’t need any extra equipment or even knowledge about your back, as everything is provided to you with this program. Each of the movements are shown to you in video form by the doctor who created Back Pain Breakthrough and you also receive an abundance of extra information, tips, tricks, and habits that can help you tackle your back pain and transform your life. I’ll delve into the details of the different components in just a moment but for now, here’s a sneak peek:

  1. 6-Part Video Series Masterclass
  2. Target Spinal Release Manual
  3. Accelerated Healing Techniques eBook

The program has been hailed for providing instant relief with many only needing 30 days to have their back pain gone completely. The awesome thing is that you can try this out for yourself risk-free for two months, as the program comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. This is ample time to see the relief that comes from realigning your spine to eliminate back pain.

Now, you only need 10 minutes a day to do this program and you receive immediate access as soon as you purchase it as everything is digital. This means that you can access the program anytime, anywhere and can even download it right onto your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer if you’d like. This makes it easy to commit to the regime and it’s amazing for dealing with any random flare ups you experience throughout the healing process.

And since the entire approach is 100% natural and consists of gentle movements that release your body’s three major pressure points, it can be used by anyone and everyone, no matter their age, type of back pain, cause or flexibility.

Who Created Back Pain Breakthrough?

Dr. Steve Young is the author of Back Pain Breakthrough. He has his Ph.D. in the science of joint pain and runs his own private practice. He is highly-renowned within the industry and has been featured on Fox News and is also a contributing author of several Medical Research Journals.  His unique 3-Step Targeted Spinal Release Formula is so effective that even prestigious doctors and establishments, such as Washington University School of Medicine are using it to cure back pain in their patients.

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What You’ll Learn in Back Pain Breakthrough

Back Pain Breakthrough is a comprehensive 30-day program that teaches a unique 3-Step Targeted Spinal Release Formula that tackles the root cause of back paint to eliminate it once and for all. The regime is highly focused on gentle movements that only require 10 minutes a day to complete. Each one is thoroughly broken down in video by Dr. Steve Young himself, so you know exactly how to execute each movement for maximum relief.

The program also comes with an abundance of additional information that helps you understand your back pain and what can be done to improve your back health moving forward. This includes recommendations on posture, how to sit properly, treating imbalances, and much more.

And best of all, everything you learn is then put together for you in a 30-day action plan.

To show you just how powerful this program is, here’s a more in-depth look at the different components:

6-Video Series Masterclass

  1. The Real Cause of Your Back Pain
    1. Welcome
    2. The Targeted Spinal Relief
    3. What You Get
    4. Three Success Stories
  2. The Target Spinal Relief
    1. Causes: Anatomy and Behaviour
    2. The Anatomy of Your Back
    3. Structural Reasons For Your Back Pain
    4. Behaviour Reasons or Your Back Pain
    5. Side Effects of your LBP
    6. Compensations and Complications
    7. Your LBP and your Nervous System
    8. Chronic Pain and Depression
    9. Focused Simplicity vs. Shotgun Approach
    10. How to Fit The Pain Instantly
  3. How to Fix the Pain Instantly
    1. Your Body Wants to Heal
    2. Identifying Your Obstacles that Prevent You From Healing
    3. Why Other Therapies Haven’t Worked For You Before
    4. The Importance of your Gut Health
    5. Warrior Method Revealed
    6. The Anatomy of your Hip Flexors
    7. The Right Way to Stretch
  4. The Warrior Method
    1. The Awakened Warrior
    2. The Peaceful Warrior
    3. The Strong Warrior
  5. Life hacks for a Pain Free Life
    1. Pain Free Habits
    2. The Improper Behavioural Way of Lifting
    3. The One Extra Step You’ll Take
    4. Your Support Team
    5. Customized Back Pain Solutions
    6. Identifying Stenosis and Disc Issues
    7. Protocol for Disc Issues
    8. And More
  6. Muscular Imbalances, Easy Solutions
    1. Protocols
    2. Movements
    3. Restoring Imbalances
    4. The Anatomy of the Piriformis and The Hamstring Muscle
    5. The Hamstring Test
    6. And More
  7. + Your Action Steps for Success
    1. Quick Review
    2. Mindset and The High Pain Threshold
    3. The Right Mindset for a Pain Free Back
    4. Action Steps

Targeted Spinal Release

  1. How to Use This Manual
  2. The Secret Cause of your Back Pain
  3. The 30-Day Action Plan
  4. My 30-Day BPB Calendar
  5. Movement 1: The Peaceful Warrior
  6. Movement 2: Awakened Warrior
  7. Movement 3: Strong Warrior

Advanced Healing Techniques

  1. How to Sit for a Strong Healthy Back
  2. How to Fix Your Computer Setup
  3. Lifting
  4. Golfers Tilt
  5. Lunges
  6. Types of Back Pain and Imbalances
  7. How to Know If You Have a Disc Bulging
  8. How to Treat Stenosis
  9. Fixing Muscular Imbalances
  10. Imbalanced Piriformis and How to Stretch It
  11. Acute or Chronic Pain and How to Relief It
  12. Natural Anti-Inflammatory Daily Drink

Our Verdict

Back Pain Breakthrough is an easy program that teaches you a powerful 3-Step Targeted Spinal Release Formula that provides instant relief and that eliminates all types of back pain in as little as 30 days. It’s based on scientific evidence that targeted spinal release is the most effective way to eliminate back pain, and you can even try it out risk-free for two months with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Download Back Pain Breakthrough PDF